6 Must-Eat Dishes In Memphis

Memphis is popularly known for its music scene and incredible food. You’ll find signature dishes like sausage plates, fried catfish, and cheese. The meals are delicious, fresh, and professionally served in the restaurants. And though there are a lot of dishes, there are just a few that you can’t miss.

Here are the must-eat dishes in Memphis.

1. Ribs

Memphis food is synonymous with delectable cuisine, and ribs are quite popular. Memphis-style ribs are made with a dry rub of reason instead of a web rub of the source. They are then soaked to seal in a delicious flavor.

It is a well-known place to enjoy ribs that hosts an annual competition. The residents will recommend various places, but you all are great, and you go wrong with any. Also, you can get pulled pork and smoked chicken in addition to your ribs in restaurants.

2. Soul food

Soul food is a delicious home cooking popular in the South and beyond. Memphis restaurants can offer “meat and three,” a plate of meat featuring one meat with three slides. It can be fried chicken, pot roast, collard greens, etc. Also, you can get vegan soul food in the establishments.

3. Peanut butter and banana sandwich

A peanut butter and banana sandwich was a favorite meal for Elvis Presley. As a result, the dish has made its way onto the menus in honor of the native son. It is a snack that provides a combination of flavors and textures. It combines salty and sweet, along with the crunch of buttery bread and peanuts. And you can eat the meal in most restaurants in Memphis.

4. BBQ nachos

Eating this dish will kill your nacho and barbecue cravings in one bite. BBQ nachos are built from the bottom up with your choice of BBQ or tortilla chips. It is processed with cheese, sprinkled cheese, tangy barbecue sauce, properly smoked barbecue, and pickled jalapenos. A pro tip is to get your nachos served on top of house-made potato chips for an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, you can get BBQ spaghetti which is an interstate original. It is an unusual but delicious concoction popular in Memphis. It entails a smoky sauce over spaghetti noodles, topped with chunks of pork.

5. Soul burger

Though you can get it in many places, nothing will cross to a soul burger in Memphis restaurants. It comes with onions, cheese, pickles, and “soul sauce.”

You can get a perfect and fresh soul burger in E&H’s juke joint.

Also, you can try a cheeseburger. Burgers are popular in Memphis, like barbecue. You’ll get a greasy cheeseburger, and you can add an ounce of pulled pork, Cole slaw, and barbecue sauce on top.

6. Fire-braised chicken sandwich

The fire-braised chicken sandwich is a delicious must-eat meal. It contains a chicken, seared over a fire and topped with white sauce. It is a perfect dish if you want a change from eating barbecue but still want the same feeling. You can pair the fire-braised chicken sandwich with a turkey burger for an unforgettable experience.


Memphis is a great place to visit. It is known for its delicious Memphis food, and you’ll get a variety of amazing dishes available. And though all are great, ensure you try the above meals for an unforgettable experience.

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