Home Remodeling And Home Decorating Tips

Home decoration is an art of making your home look beautiful and attractive both internally and externally whereas home remodeling is making additions and up-gradation to your house. Decorating and remodeling your house make it presentable and comforting. No special learning is required to remodel and decorate a house and it is done according to one’s own taste and temperament. However, some basic things should be acknowledged while upgrading and decorating the house. Here we’ll discuss some basics of these home decorating and up-gradation ideas.

1- Planning

The first thing to consider in a home up-gradation is consultation and planning. To construct an up-gradation plan all by yourself is not wise. Consulting with others especially the inmates of the house is helpful in better planning.

2- Budgeting

Economy is one main decider in house decoration. Management of budget is a good step in the renovation. Putting a burden on the economy is never advised therefore to construct an overall plan for all the parts of the house to be renovated and dividing the budget accordingly is necessary.

3- Research

There are a plenty of options for decoration. Doing good research is necessary to help yourself in choosing the right thing.

4- Paint

While upgrading an old house or decorating a new one, paint is the most basic and prominent part. External and internal house paint determines the attractiveness of the house. Although the choice of paint colors is one’s own but it should be consulted with someone. Applying graceful colors i.e white, grey, etc. adds attractiveness to the house. The interior paint is also important. This is because the wall paint affects the lighting. Bright and shining wall paint makes the home look lively.

5- Kitchen

The goal of decoration and remodeling of the kitchen is to increase the storage capacity and marbling of the floor and walls. Utilization of the available area to increase the surface area should be discussed with the architect. Also, the addition of cabinets is a good step in up-gradation. The floor and walls of the kitchen should be tiled. Marble of dark color should be used because light colors appear unclean because of smoke.

6- Washroom

Every person wishes a clean, wide and resourceful washroom. You should apply new sanitary wares if the budget allows otherwise painting is good enough renovation. A wide looking mirror should be installed. Also important is to have hot and warm water availability. Therefore respective devices should be considered firstly in the renovation. Bathtubs can also be installed according to taste and budgets.

7- Windows

Windows are a source of ventilation for house. Proper sunlight and fresh air make a house look lively. Therefore the goal of up-gradation should be the addition of a suitable number of windows. Applying varying varieties of curtains to these windows adds colors to your home and it’s a necessary part of home decoration. Again the choice of curtains should be according to one’s own taste.

8- Floor

Floor renovation is an expensive process and thus should be considered if the economy is not a problem. Adding tiles and marbles is itself beauty of a house. If floor up-gradation is out of budget then other things should be renovated in accordance with the floor.

9- Roof

For roofs, the installation of the ceiling is done. Various colors of the ceiling are present but a contrast of black and white is always considered charming and attractive. Most people have the same colored ceiling in their homes and yet you can choose other colors also that suite your taste.

10- Doors

Doors are a necessary part of home decoration. Their quality and color should be lively. Dull colors should be avoided. A woody color of doors always feels natural. Also choosing the right quality of door to avoid continuous replacements is essential. Most people prefer wood for doors but steel and iron types are also available.

11- Furniture

The first thing encountered when we enter a house is a furniture. It presents the real beauty of your home. Decorating all the living rooms, lounges and guest rooms with proper furniture increases the beauty of your house. There should be nice colored couches. Center tables with artificial decoration pieces are included in the decoration goals.

12- Garden

Conserving a space for a small garden adds natural beauty to the house. Its size can be according to the area available. Applying natural plants, flower trees and good quality grass to your garden gives a touch of nature and thus increases the attractiveness of your house. Fruit trees can also be grown of enough area is available.

13- Swimming pool

Those who can afford some area for the swimming pool must include it in their renovation plan. Apart from being a sport, swimming pools are a source of attraction.

14- Indoor plants

Greenery is always pleasing to the eyes. Applying some artificial plants is good for decorating objects. They give a look of nature and glitter and therefore good mean of home decoration.

15- Lights

The brighter a house the more is its attraction. Up-gradation of the home must include the installation of advanced lights. Nowadays LED lights have taken over. These lights are bright and consume lesser electricity. They are therefore a good choice for home decoration and up-gradation.

16- Carpet pieces

Some people prefer a fully carpeted house. This is not compulsory and depends on likeness. Having a marble floor does not need a complete carpet. Instead, using small pieces of carpet called Centerpieces seem more beautiful than the former.

17- Clocks and Sceneries

Additional decoration of the house can be done by using fancy clocks and sceneries on walls. Natural sceneries are a good attraction but family photos can also be used as decoration material. Wood art is also applied by some people to decorate their homes.

These are some basic ideas for decoration and up-gradation of your house. However, this set of ideas is far from being complete. Home decoration is a vast subject with the continuous addition of new ideas. Keeping your budget in mind and then choosing the things accordingly is the best scheme to follow.

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