Improve Your Store-Bought Frosting In Just 3 Simple Ways

We all love cakes, don’t we? To some, it has the magic of making you feel like all your problems don’t matter anymore! So, what happens to you if you are in a bind and you end up with the urge to buy frosting?

I know this problem has happened to most of us. Thing is, the frosting you have just bought might feel lacking in taste, texture or color. We all know this happens more often than not, so you start wondering about ways of making store-bought frosting better.

If you have or are caught up in this situation, worry not! This tutorial on how to make store-bought frosting better will definitely help get you out of your situation.

What You Will Require

​Store-Bought Frosting

  • Obviously, this is the fundamental requirement of the tutorial. The frostings usually come in a tube of about 16 ounces. Select the flavor that best suits you.
  • There are numerous choices of frosting flavors these days, including chocolate, vanilla, mango, strawberry, orange, passion fruit, and much more.



You’ll need a large bowl for mixing the various ingredients you have. Glass bowls tend to be better due to the ease of cleaning and durability like these ones.

Spoons And Measuring Cups


It’s important to have a good set of measuring cup and spoons in order to get the right quantity of ingredients because as it affects the outcome of the baking. You can check these out



It’s needed while mixing another ingredient such as sugar.

A Mixer


  • The Type of mixer you choose will depend on your preference. You could choose a stand mixer of a hand mixer.
  • I use a stand mixer due to its convenience of speed, efficiency and the power with which it mixes couldn’t be nearly the same as while using your hand. You can check this one out in case you need to buy a mixer.
  • A hand mixer, on the other hand, offers the cheaper price but it’s less efficient.

Powder Sugar

  • This is important for your store-bought frosting in case it is too soft it helps thicken it up.
  • There are many different brands that you can use.


Some water would be important just in case your frosting becomes too thick. Using distilled water would be advisable. You could also use purified water.

Food Colors

You will need some of it for your frosting when trying to improve on its color. You can also make many different colors by mixing colors together. The only thing you need to be cautious about is to watch out for the colors that may use carcinogens. Try using more natural food colors like this one.

Cream Cheese

The cheese adds certain spiciness to the frosting. It also reduces the sugary feeling of the frosting. Ensure that you put your health first by checking the expiry date on the cheese package.

Flavored Extracts


Other than cream cheese, you can also use the flavored extracts instead. The most convenient bet is using the natural extracts so as to get away from the contamination of artificial flavors or colors. Vanilla extract is the safest option to use.

Respberry Jam

In case you need to add a fruity twist to the frosting, you can add raspberry jam, therefore.

Step By Step Instructions

Enhancing its consistency

  • Scoop the frosting with a spoon and put it in your mixing bowl.
  • Add/sprinkle a tablespoon of powdered sugar onto the frosting
  • Mix using an electric mixer for about 30 seconds since doing this allows the mixture to thicken. Check the consistency of the mixture by dipping your spatula and checking.
  • In case the mixture of powdered sugar and frosting is not enough, add another ½ tsp of powdered sugar to the mixture and then allow it to mix for another 30 seconds. Check for consistency once more.
  • In case the mixture of powdered sugar and frosting is not enough, add another ½ tsp of powdered sugar to the mixture and then allow it to mix for another 30 seconds. Check for consistency once more.
  • Repeat this until the consistency is to your desired level. If it’s too thick, add ½ tsp of water.

Enhancing Its Color

  • Take a scoop of the store-bought frosting and put it in the mixing bowl. Ensure that you mix the frosting with a spatula well enough to give it consistency.
  • Add a few drops of food color to the frosting (2-3 drops).
  • Mix in the color using a spatula. You can also add a few drops of a different color to make different colors depending on your preference.

Enhancing Taste

  • Place the 8 ounces of softened cream cheese on the kitchen counter and leave it for 8-10 minutes to continue softening. To improve on the taste you can add a few drops of vanilla extract to the frosting.
  • Take a scoop of the cheese and put it in a bowl and mix it well with the frosting. Ensure that you mix the frosting and cream cheese well if you are using a hand mixer.

Other Flavors

  • To give it a fruity sweetness, you can add raspberry jam and gently mix it through
  • To give it a chocolate twist you, crush about 2-4 ounces of your favorite chocolate biscuit.

There are so many flavors, Oreos being another flavor and texture booster! Add the crushed biscuit to your frosting for that extra dimension.

Additional Pro Tips

  • Easy consistency check

Chew the World says that you should mix it well and easily check the consistency using your spatula. To do this, dip your spatula in the frosting and if it stands on its own without falling then it is thick enough.

  • Improving its size twofold

Life is Poppin says that the store bought frosting should be mixed by an electric mixer. It suggests that doing this will be able to incorporate air into the frosting and will, therefore, double its volume.

  • Baby center says that using an 8-ounce package of cream cheese and a 16-ounce package of vanilla frosting is able to produce frosting that has enhanced flavor, reduces the sweetness and also increases the amount of frosting.

Enjoy Improving Your Store-Bought Frosting

I hope that this tutorial helps you on your way to make that store bought frosting better. Ensure that you use different flavors and have fun with it! The beauty of cooking is the diversity in the tastes produced, I am a foodie, I would know!

Got any questions or want to share your thoughts with us? Be sure to write something for us in the comment section. Feel free to share the article too with your friends and loved ones, cheerio!
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