Visiting a Kitchen Showroom – Your Complete Guide

So you’re thinking of designing a new kitchen space. Whether you are looking to rejig your current kitchen design or execute a completely new style – it’s important to look at all of the styles and options that are available. Although you may have some inkling on the type of style that you like, it’s important to be open minded about other design aspects – as you may find a style that you really enjoy.

When you are thinking about choosing a new kitchen – it’s great to look at the various brochures and online images that are available when looking at the latest kitchen design trends. However – nothing quite beats the real thing and the real experience of being able to see these designs in action. Our clients often mention that visiting our purpose built kitchen showroom in Bath is more engaging and helps with their design process. But why should you visit a kitchen showroom? Below I will go on to explain why the visit to a kitchen showroom is so exciting and can help you when designing or re-thinking your kitchen space.

Seeing the Latest Kitchen Trends in the Flesh

The most obvious benefit to you when visiting a showroom is being able to see all of the latest design trends in action. Although technology has rapidly advanced over the last few years with 3D plans of kitchens being available online – being able to see and touch different kitchen layouts still beats virtual reality. As well as seeing different styles of kitchen – you are also able to see and touch a wide range of different materials, worktops and appliances. You are also able to visualise how a kitchen may look and feel in your own home – which is impossible to do when reading a brochure or looking online. Don’t avoid doing this though – researching as much as possible is highly important.

But Remember – Do As Much Research As Possible!

Before visiting the showroom – do your homework! Get a general idea of what style of kitchen you are after, the amount of space that you have to work with, the appliances and worktops that you like the most but most importantly – your budget. Coming in with this information available will not only help with the initial design process – it also gives you an idea of what you want but always keep your mind open to new ideas.

At the Showroom – Work With Kitchen Design Experts

The showroom will likely be run by kitchen designers or there are certainly going to be kitchen designers near-by. This gives you access to expert input for your kitchen design. It’s important to keep an open mind as there are some designs that just may not be possible with your budget or available space. A kitchen designer or design team can add their creative touch – advise you on areas that you may be uncertain of and be a guiding force in achieving the kitchen dream.

Get Access to the Latest Offers & Deals

There may be a number of special offers on selected kitchen ranges in the kitchen showroom. You are able to take advantage of these offers as these are often incentives to encourage you to visit the showroom and discuss your kitchen ideas with a kitchen design team. You can expect offers such as reduced offers on worktops or materials, kitchen ranges, appliances and other aspects of your kitchen or vouchers to cooking shops to help stock your new kitchen or other incentives – you can bag some great deals whilst also installing the perfect kitchen for you.

Matching Your Budget Against the Reality of Different Costs

A simple re-design can be achieved on a small budget however it’s no secret that a full redesign of your entire kitchen space is going to require at least a medium sized budget (depending on how much of a redesign is required.) This is why it’s really important to set your budget before visiting the showroom. Come equipped with the absolute minimum you want to spend on achieving your dream kitchen and be prepared to add an additional surplus just in case you are unsure about how much a certain material or range will cost. Also come equipped with the absolute maximum. Once you have a rough idea of your budget – the team at the kitchen showroom can give you highly accurate estimations of how much your kitchen is going to cost you.

This is very important as you will then be able to adapt your design to your budget. Kitchen designers are also very flexible & knowledgeable and will therefore know where to cut costs and reduce the budget if a reduction in the budget is required. This advice is invaluable and you may even find that you can achieve a similar design for less or make effective cuts on your design to design and install the kitchen of your dreams.

The Expertise of a Kitchen Designer is Invaluable

Image Source: Pixabay

Having a kitchen designer or team of designers to help you is invaluable – not only for costs. You are also able to bounce ideas around or be challenged on the idea of your perfect kitchen space. Kitchen designers also know a great deal about the various appliances, materials and worktops that are available which can also be used to create different designs and let you really make the most out of your new kitchen.

Kitchen designers also know how to use the space that you have available to full effectiveness. If you have a lot of space to work with then they can help you create a design that fully uses the space available. Alternatively – if you are struggling for space then there are a range of design options available such as integrated kitchen designs that are designed to allow you to use the maximum amount of limited space that you have available. 

Have you ever visited a kitchen showroom? Do you have any more tips or reasons as to why someone should visit a showroom if they are looking to design a new kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alexander Fox works for Elmore Kitchens who are independent kitchen designers and installers with many years of experience based in the South West of the UK. 

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