6 Tips for Packagers Who Are Looking For Their Ideal Packaging Machine

The selection of the appropriate packaging equipment for any application is a challenging task. This is especially for packagers who are still new to the packaging industry. More and more enterprises are opting for automated packaging solutions because of their many benefits. One of which is their ability to produce in bulk while lowering operating costs.

If you are a newbie packager and are not sure where to start, this article might be able to help you. We will be discussing 6 tips you can follow in identifying the best machine for your application. These can help you ensure the reliability and efficiency of your chosen machine once it starts with the production. Let us now get started.

#1 Know Your Budget

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to determine your allocated budget for your machine. Not all packagers are going to start with fully automated packaging lines on their first day. Instead, most of them will build their line through time with the addition of automation when their production requirements increase.

For instance, at the start of your business venture, you might find that the capping process is taking more time compared to other tasks. So, you will invest in automatic capping machines while using semi-automatic equipment for filling and labeling products.

As your production requirements increase, you will also start to automate other aspects of your packaging line bit by bit. This technique allows you to allocate cash for the other needs of your business in the beginning.

#2 Know Your Space Restrictions                

Packaging machines are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate various factory spaces. Manufacturers build some machines that occupy less floor space but take up more space vertically.

Moreover, when you need further customizations, the space that your machine will occupy can be modified to suit your needs. Knowing your space restrictions allows you to figure out the most optimized location to station your machine in. Also, you can plan in advance for any needed additional extensions.  

#3 Know Your Packages & Products

Before purchasing packaging machinery, you should know your container types, closure types, labels, and others that you are going to use. The majority of packaging machines are versatile in such a way that you can use a wide range of containers, caps, and products on one machine. But, various machines will also have their own limitations.

For instance, some filling equipment may not be ideal for certain liquid viscosities. Bottle cappers are usually built to handle specific types of closures such as corks, ROPP, and screw-on caps. So know your packages and products before the selection of a packaging machine. This ensures that your selected machine can handle your containers, caps, and products.

#4 Know the Estimate of Your Production Needs

Determine how many packages you are planning to produce daily. This will help you find out what automation level is necessary for your packaging line. But, this can be a bit tricky because the majority of companies expect or hope to expand in the long run.

Also, just knowing your production requirements will not be enough. You need to take into account your estimated or expected growth. You will find many types of packaging equipment designed for further upgrades to allow for an increase in production speed. By estimating your production line’s growth, you can have a machine that your company can grow through time.

#5 Consider Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the key trends in the industry of packaging for a good reason. Recycling, eliminating waste and other components of a sustainable ecosystem does not only help in protecting the environment. It can also be beneficial for your company’s bottom line. 

While the packaging equipment is only among the many aspects of packaging sustainability, it is a significant one. For instance, a business may use air rinsers for cleaning containers instead of wet rinsers. This eliminates the unnecessary usage of cleaning liquid or excess water.

#6 Consult with Your Manufactures

Are you not familiar with all aspects of packaging? Do not let this prevent you from consulting with your packaging machine manufacturer. Talk to your manufacturer. They will surely answer your questions about various packaging components. This will give you an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of, for example, using a specific type of closure or container.

Manufacturers of packaging machines can give you a lot of useful information. These can help you determine your business’s exact needs. Also, manufacturers should not only be involved in the manufacturing process. They should also keep on communicating with you even after-sales has been done.


Each packaging application will have its own unique characteristics. These may give rise to more questions and analysis before you can finally identify the appropriate packaging machine for your project. But, compiling the information we have discussed in this article and consulting with your manufacturer about your project ensures that you’ll get a can packing machine fitted for your application.

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