Best Things to Cook with an Instant Pot or Multicooker

Living in a busy world with tight schedules indisputably leads to changes in a lifestyle. The way we prepare food that we consume changed a lot from a time when cooking was a long process and took most of the day. Since then, life became faster and ways to prepare food became faster too. That does save time but gets in a way of preserving or restore our health. The development of health awareness led to researches on how to prepare healthy food in less time. This is where instant pots or multicookers found their way into our lives.

The benefits of instant pots

Instant pots or insta pots are cooking devices that are designed for preparing food “the old fashioned” way. They are pressure pots which means they use steam and its pressure inside the dish for processing food. But they are not just that. They are multifunction devices that can be used in more than one way. It may be that insta pot is the only cooking device you need to change your food preparation into a much healthier and much tastier process.

What can be prepared in instant pot

Many kitchen appliances and lots of space for them are what comes into mind when you think about the preparation of “old fashioned” dishes such as stews, cakes, soups, meat roasts or porridges. With multicooker, you need just one appliance, little space and little time as well. Insta pot can be programmed to start cooking at the precise time so you don’t even need to be near it while it does its magic. You can prepare meat every food you want and transform it into a healthy, tasty meal that doesn’t involve spending much time in the kitchen.


Meat can be prepared in many ways. Delicious stews, roasted chicken, beef steaks, pork roast, spicy curries, you name it. Most of the methods are preprogrammed and you need just to push the button, but you can also program your insta pot manually to fulfill your wishes.


Preparing fish is the most demanding food preparation. It is very hard to choose the right moment when to stop preparation. It finishes too dry, or not cooked enough, or even overcooked… But preparing fish in insta pot is easy and it always turns out perfect. Whether you steam it or fry it or roast it or prepare deliciously rich fish stew or soup, the results you are getting are perfect.


Being a pressure cooker, insta pot is ideal for preparing vegetables. You can prepare it in many different ways, as a part of other dishes or on its own. The quality of vegetables cooked in pressure cooker is much higher than when it is prepared in other ways. The color remains bright and vivid, and most of the vitamins, minerals and other substances are preserved for your health benefit.

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Who doesn’t like Italian cuisine with sumptuous pasta as its main feature? But preparing pasta might be a bit overwhelming when you don’t have time for preparing a sauce with many ingredients and cooking the pasta separately then mix it for the desired result. With an instant pot, you just need to put all ingredients for tasty pasta into the pot and push the button. It’s as easy as that.


Preparing homemade yogurt is not only a question of health but of taste as well. You can choose the ingredients you want to add to your yogurt to make it just perfect. You can prepare homemade yogurt and add fruit or grain to it to make it a healthy snack or even a whole meal.


Porridge is a healthy way of preparing grains for a meal. Different grains can be used and you can choose them by your taste and other preferences. You just need to put all the ingredients into the pot and soon you will have a healthy meal ready for consumption.


Boiling eggs is not as easy as it sounds. Everyone that ever tried to boil semi boiled egg with perfectly cooked white and runny yolk knows that. With insta pot, you can choose the desired way of boiling and your cooker will do the rest. You can also fry eggs, make omelets, frittatas and many more.


A perfect sponge cake or soft cupcakes don’t have to be baked in own. Even those can be prepared in your multicooker. Just choose your recipe and prepare a soft, moist, tasty cake that everyone will love.


If you want perfectly cooked, no sticky, fluffy rice, then the instant pot is ideal for that. You can prepare rice on its own or as a part of other dishes like risottos and make it perfect every time. Not only rice, but other grains can be prepared as well to provide you with a healthy meal.

The most popular instant pot dishes

The most popular dishes that can be prepared in insta pot include stews, soups, different pasta, curries, risottos and many more.


Who doesn’t enjoy a plate of delicious, tasty, tick stew? Stews can be made with meat but can also be made as a vegetarian dish. No matter what kind, a stew is a portion of perfect comfort food that brings satisfaction to its consumers.


Tasty and nourishing, that is what soup is. Preparing soup takes time and space. But when prepared in instant pot it becomes nourishing dish prepared in no time but with all nutrients that good soup has.


Delicious tomato sauce, tasty meatballs, perfectly cooked penne rigate, that is what makes great pasta. Prepared in the multicooker, your dish comes out ready to be served. You can try different recipes and get perfect results every time.


There is nothing like a good, spicy curry to warm you during the long winter days. Whether Indian, Malaysian or Thai, all curry dishes will become mouth-watering dishes when they come out of your instant pot.

There are hundreds of recipes for dishes that can be prepared in Multicooker. That is what makes it so great. You can never get boring with cooking, as you can try out different dishes that take little time but come out tasty and healthy at the same time.

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