How To Get RTA Kitchen Cabinets Within A Budget?

A kitchen with RTA cabinets has many advantages. It facilitates the best utilization of kitchen space, makes the kitchen look elegant and classy, and also offers a great diversity of price. Thus, the cabinets can be customized as per the budget of the client. If you want to get the look and functionality of hardwood cabinets on a budget, then you can opt for RTA kitchen cabinets.

The whole concept of RTA or ready to assemble cabinets has gained immense popularity in recent times with people across the globe opting for the same. With improved quality, better designs and prettier color options, RTA cabinetry is definitely the best option one has to impart a new look to the kitchen yet at the same time remain within the planned budget.

Historically it all started in the 1940s but this concept experienced a boom to become the phenomenon that it is today only in the 1990s and 2000. Today RTA kitchen cabinets conform to the strict regulations set by the relevant authorities. They are thus stronger and safer than before and are also not the cause of poisonous emissions which was a constant complaint against the earlier RTA cabinetry products. It would thus, not be wrong to say that today these ready to assemble parts of the kitchen cabinetry can fulfill all needs of homeowners, creative consumers, interior designers, and even contractors.

Advantages of Using RTA Cabinetry

There are several advantages associated with the use of this type of cabinetry in the kitchen. Some of the major ones which make it score over custom cabinetry are:

  • Cost: The cost for custom kitchen cabinets tends to be very high. On the other hand, RTA essentials like the white or the gray painted kitchen cabinets generally come with an associated inexpensive price tag.
  • Quality: With improved technology, it is possible to manufacture RTA cabinetry, which is qualitatively very good and almost at par with custom made kitchen cabinets. In fact, the all-wood box type of construction which is the basic characteristic of the RTA cabinetry makes it more durable, enduring and strong.
  • DIY products: All RTA cabinetry products are easy to assemble and install. Any person with even a little DIY experience would find it very easy to correctly utilize the quality of the hardware and the pre-drilled, brackets, holes and hinges which accompany it.
  • Almost no shipping damage: After RTA kitchen cabinets are purchased, either online or offline, they are shipped or transported in a disassembled form. But they suffer almost no damage or minimal damage during their transportation to the client’s place. On the other hand, custom-built cabinetry is generally prone to dents and scratches as they are transported to the place of installation.

Getting Better Deals on RTA Cabinetry

To ensure the best returns on the money being invested for the remodeling or renovation of the kitchen cabinetry, it is important to follow the 4-step process mentioned below. The steps involved in the process are:

  • Price seeking: In order to get a correct estimate of the total price of the colored or white RTA cabinets that one wants to install, it is important to make a list of total assortment of cabinets that are required to remodel the kitchen. Then the same needs to be printed and quotations taken from at least 3 different dealers. When ordering online, the prices offered by at least 3 different e-commerce companies need to be checked out.
  • Comparison of prices: After getting the required quotations or checking out the total prices at different websites, it is necessary to compare them. This gives the customer a rough idea of the approximate coats of individual items that the customer can use to negotiate the best deal from the dealer he is comfortable with.
  • Shipping costs: This is a necessary factor that needs to be taken into consideration for getting a good deal. Since RTA kitchen cabinets are made in the factory and then shipped to the respective clients as per their requirements, there is a certain shipping or transportation cost involved. Negotiating this makes it possible for the client to lower his costs further thereby ensuring staying within the budget.
  • Price match request: The price, as calculated by the customer, needs to be presented to the dealer of his choice and a price match requested. The fact that the customer is asking for a legitimate drop in the prices can be understood from the price-match requested and instances of a dealer matching the prices as given by competition, are quite common. Once the price match has been ensured, the customer needs to place the order, make arrangements for the payments and get the order shipped.

The popularity of RTA kitchen cabinets is definitely something that cannot be overlooked. The fact that they are a good combination of practicality, utility, and aesthetics, makes it the first preference for people wanting to remodel their kitchen on a budget.

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