Tips For Hosting A Successful Event With Food Truck Catering Services

No event can ever be complete without great food. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, bachelor’s party, anniversary party, or any other celebration, food is essential. Socializing with guests and entertaining them with good food is what parties are for and as a host, you must ensure that everyone has good food because that is what they love.

Food is the highlight of any event, big or small, and guests are pretty excited about it. A case in point is wedding parties that are ready to blow the budget to entertain guests with great food. Entrusting the job of feeding the masses to catering services is the best way to stay away from the hassles of cooking and cleaning. It can be a party spoiler for the host who does not get the opportunity of celebrating with everyone else.

For many years traditional catering has been the preferred choice for parties as it allows the hosts to engage in a relaxed festive celebration. But the way of providing catering services has changed with times and food truck catering for company picnics, weddings and special events is now a rapidly growing trend. And there are some excellent reasons for it.

Why use food trucks for catering?

  • Having a food truck for catering is a cheaper option than using traditional catering services, which is its biggest attraction.
  • Food trucks for catering bring uniqueness in the services that traditional catering cannot match.
  • The chefs of food trucks are specialists in some specific types of food about which they are very much passionate and produce exquisite food that merely seems out of the world.
  • Space is never a constraint for food trucks as it can reach places that remain inaccessible to regular kitchens.

With so many advantages, using food truck for events will add a new dimension to celebrations. But to make the event a success, you must use the following tips.

Set a budget

Food trucks would charge about $10 – $20 per head as compared to $60 – $70 that traditional catering services charge its clients. That should give you some idea about setting your budget by knowing how much you want to spend. The charges vary according to the popularity of the food truck as those in high demand will charge more. But even if you pay the highest costs, savings are enormous as compared to traditional catering.

The extra cash is useful for creating add-ons for your event to make it unique. You may set up a buffet table that has select sides to be an apart of the food truck or include a bar cart as well. The surplus cash can come in handy if you plan for creating custom wedding flavors that align with the party theme.

Estimate the food requirement

Food trucks serve freshly cooked delicious food that guests love to gobble up eagerly. To satisfy them, you must ensure that there is an adequate quantity of food and drinks. You must figure out the total food requirement. It can be a tough job because your guest not only come in various sizes and shapes but also have varied appetite.

Celebrations are times when people tend to set loose and while enjoying a good time and they eat and drink much more than usual. Considering that an average food truck feeds 75 people, your guest list dictates how many food trucks you need.

Select the food truck carefully

Food trucks are exciting additions to events that contribute to setting the mood, and the choice of the truck has a high impact on the event.  Food trucks come in a variety of colors and styles, some upscale and subdue while others are wild and crazy. Brightly colored trucks that play music are just the ones for loud, fun-filled, and raucous events.

Depending on the type of event you are planning to host, you can contact some of the best catering companies Brisbane. Many people do not take into consideration that the food truck should have enough infrastructure to cater to hundred or two hundred people at one go, depending on the number of attendees. The task gets more complicated, if you are asking the food truck from the catering company to prepare three or more dishes. This is why it is important to clear out all the details when you first sign them on.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a small but garden party, then a small dessert truck with a simple awning (maybe striped) can work great.  The truck must complement the ambiance and theme that you want to create. Integrate the truck with the event by decorating that vehicle from all around. Researching the types of trucks available and what it looks like should give you a better idea about which one would be best for your needs.

Find out what the food truck provides

Food trucks are of many types as also the food it serves. Therefore, before deciding on the truck just by its looks, talk to the owner to find out what they would serve. Food trucks use paper plates that create a cleaner environment as it does away with the need for washing dishes. Besides saving water, it saves space as well as allows the hosts to avoid a lot of mess.

Moreover, some food trucks provide cutlery too, so, there should be no worries at all.  The food trucks use white paper plates, but if you prefer customized ones, you can arrange for it too. Depending on whether you like music with the trucks, you have the option of choosing food trucks that play music. It can save the expenses of hiring a band or DJ. If you have your music system, make sure that the food truck music does not interfere with it.

Craft a custom menu

As soon as you finalize the food truck of your choice, get down to create a menu. Food trucks allow you to offer your guests the food you love most or even serve your favorite local cuisine. Mobile catering or food trucks focus on certain foods. If it matches your expectations, you can serve great food to the guests, although the chefs would be happy to serve your requested food too.  You can become more creative with food by talking to the owner of the food truck who would be ready to oblige.

Food trucks allow hosts to express their style and taste, which is like the topping on the cake.

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