How Weight Loss Can Lift Up Your Style Quotient

Obesity is a major issue that people of all ages have to face. Balanced diet and adequate exercise will shield you from this menace. Overweight people always have a common complaint – nothing fits or looks good on them. It is not entirely untrue. Dresses are made in a manner that allows it to sit correctly on your body. It needs to flow with the natural body structure.

Becoming too fat deforms this natural shape, thereby ruining the look of the dress or suit. It is true for both men and women. If you want to look stunning, then you need to work on that body.

A new wardrobe for your slim body

If staying healthy is not a good enough reason to hit the gym floor, then the prospect of getting new clothes and accessories is a good motivation. But don’t hit the stores as soon you start losing some weight. Understanding your body shape and nature of weight loss is a must. The weight loss pattern is not same for all. Some lose weight fast, while others take time. Start shopping for new clothes when you actually lose weight. It is not wise to stock up on fresh collection before you join the workout regime.

Once you get slim, you can try out clothes, which fit your new frame and enhance its beauty. Always remember, weight loss is a continuous process. Splurging too much at one time is a wrong choice. The fashion stores are not going anywhere. Opting for less elaborate shopping trips will allow you to collect all latest trends, without putting too much pressure on your budget.

No more shying away from skinny jeans

Fat men and women try to stay away from too skinny jeans. Firstly, if you have too much fat deposit on your hips and thighs, fitted jeans can be somewhat uncomfortable. Secondly, it does nothing to flatter your frame. Once you lose significant fat from your legs, you can finally get out of your “grandma pants.” Weight loss tones the muscles and offers much-needed shape to your legs.

Skinny jeans will not only make you appear sexy but will also create an illusion of height. There is one catch. Try to steer clear of bold patterns or pops of bright colors. Opting for basic black, blue or off-whites will come to your rescue.

Invest in short dresses

Once you lose the desired weight, it is time to say goodbye to A-line dresses. If you had always dreamt of flaunting your curves in a classic LBD, then weight loss will make your wish come true.

Apart from this, you can also wear jean shorts, mini-skirts and knee-length outfits. No more sticking to trumpet style dresses. Depending on the weight you have lost and your current body structure, you can flaunt well-fitted dresses.

Freedom from stripes

Fat individuals are advised to opt for vertical stripes. These top to bottom lines create an optical illusion. In short, stripes make you look slim. If you have too many vertical striped jumpsuits, trousers, and shirts in your wardrobe, then losing weight will offer you the much-needed respite from this pattern.

Losing unnecessary flab will enable a person to explore other trends as well. Bold prints, checks, horizontally or crisscross patterns are in vogue. Once you lose weight, you can pick these patterns, without much fuss.

An opportunity to wear belts

A belt is an essential fashion accessory. A statement belt can make an attire look edgy. Wearing a bright yellow or electric pink belt on a black or brown dress will instantly add a fun element to the outfit. But straps look good on slim women. That does not mean bulky women, opting for belts, are committing a crime.

If you can carry it off, you are most welcome to purchase one. But once you lose weight, you need not think twice before picking a chunky or narrow belt from the fashion store. It will look good when paired with short as well as long dresses. If you are wearing a ruffled outfit, give the belt a miss.

Welcome low-neck tops in your life

If you have a heavier thorax, then showing too much cleavage is not a good idea. It is unflattering and also looks cheap. As soon as you lose weight, you will be able to sport low V-necks and U-necks with panache. Low cut dresses will create an illusion of elongated upper body.

These tops not only show off your assets but also attract attention towards your face. It is not mandatory to spend thousands to look fashionable. The trick is in highlighting your positive assets and hiding your flaws. These points will make it easy for any person to discover their new fashion and style statements, once they lose those extra pounds.

Staying fashionable is not a tough task. With little creativity and smart shopping practices, one can look like a diva at all times. Your real beauty lies in your attitude and confidence. If you have the guts to flaunt what your mama gave you, then body size gets reduced to just a number. So, feel fabulous and enjoy this summer fashionably.

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