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Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program

The scholarship has ended. Now it’s time to announce our winner:

Total submissions: 163

And the winner is: Mavis Abrego from Rockford Central High School

Congratulation Mavis for winning our scholarship program!

After we checked again some information that Mavis submitted to us, we realized some of them are false.

Therefore, we have decided a new winner.

That is: Dung Hoang from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Congratulations, Dung Hoang! We will contact with you within next 24 hours to send the scholarship

Our scholarship program will run again in November this year.


Fruitful Kitchen understands the value of education and giving back. Our amazing experience at college helps us prepare for all future challenges. With our hope that we can help others achieve that experience as well, we are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Award: $600 (One Student Only)

Application Deadline: March 15th, 2017

Drawing Date: March 30th, 2017

Application Guidelines

Students who are interested in applying for the Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program should write a 600-800 words essay about “A Healthy Dish You Love and How To Make It” and attach pictures taken from the dish.

After you finish the step above, email us at scholarship@fruitfulkitchen.org, with title “Application for Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program – [Your Full Name]”. Your email should contain all of the information listed below, attached documents and pictures in a zipped file.

  • Personal Information (Full Name, Phone Number, Address, and Email)
  • Name of your Institution
  • Your Major
  • Any document showing you are currently a student

Before submitting the application, check up on all the required documents. The content you are going to build must be unique and creative. Any insufficient essays with punctuation, grammatical or structural errors will be considered as ineligible.

By submitting your application, you agree to give us the right to use it either for promotions and marketing purposes.

Terms and Conditions

  • Currently is a high school senior OR college/university student
  • It is mandatory for students to provide relevant documents of university enrollment to claim the scholarship.
  • Before awarding the scholarship, all information submitted will be confirmed If ANY failure or overreach arise, the contestant will be regarded as not eligible without notification.
  • The exact deadline is 11:59 p.m. PT on March 15th, 2017
  • No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win the scholarship.


Fruitful Kitchen will only use your personal information for the purpose of offering the scholarship, and deciding the winner. We may also public details about the winner on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Fruitful Kitchen?

Fruitful Kitchen is a blog that shares delicious recipes and everyday lifestyle tips. Fruitful Kitchen is about connecting different people in to enjoy good and healthy food while giving them the place to feel comfortable to talk about what they learn from life. We also have reliable reviews to help our readers choose the best kitchen gadgets on the market, such as: best butcher knives, best sausage stuffers, best copper cookware, best popcorn kernels

2. Why does Fruitful Kitchen create this Scholarship Program?

At Fruitful Kitchen, we understand the numerous need for higher education and want to do our part to temper the rising cost to the individual. We also understand the importance of healthy food for students when they are far away from parents.

3. How many scholarships are available?

Only one (1) scholarship of $600.

4. Is this Scholarship Program available every year?

Yes, our Scholarship Program is available annually.

5. How do we determine the winner?

The winner will be the one submitting an essay about a healthy and delicious dish; provide a recipe to make that dish and beautiful pictures taken from the dish he/she made.

Here are some guidelines to write an amazing recipe and taking pictures.

6 .When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be selected by March 30th, 2017 and will be notified by email. In case he/she does not respond within 72 hours, the new winner will be presented.

7. How will the scholarship be sent to the winner?

The scholarship will be sent via PayPal transfer as given by the winner unless another agreement is reached between Fruitful Kitchen and the winner. If the winner does not have a Paypal account, we may send to their parent’s account instead.

For further information, please email us at scholarship@fruitfulkitchen.org

 Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program

Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship Program – Download Our Scholarship Flyer